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"Life gets busy.  Let EPIC take on some of the effort."

EPIC Consultancy Ltd.

Empowering People for Improvement and Change

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Our Mission


Phil Tanner, Ph.D.

President, EPIC Consultancy Ltd.

Epic Consultancy Ltd. has worked in over 60 countries worldwide. We believe in empowering the most marginalized: giving voice to young people, encouraging meaningful and equal participation of women and girls, developing life management skills to set young people on a course for gainful employment and, building capacity of local partners to sustain those initiatives.


We have designed world-class projects that bring relief and development activities to those most in need, in multiple sectors (incl. health, early and primary education, water and sanitation, migration, economic empowerment and gender equality).

With years of experience in top leadership and managerial roles, 

EPIC Consultancy Ltd. has delivered the tools and skills for organizational teams to improve reach, scope and depth in their programmes to achieve outstanding results and effect positive change. We do this through mentoring and leadership in key system changes, building team capacity, and driving results through innovative responses to organizational challenges in management, visibility, branding, and influencing.

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